Alicja Bral




Selfless Language or the Absence of an Author

dr Alicja Bral (Teatr Pieśń Kozła, Wrocław, Polska)
– wykład w j. angielskim
Czas trwania: 60 min.

Song of The Goat Theatre is based in Wroclaw, Poland and is constantly developing its approach and performances to unlock power of theatre which offers audiences a profound spiritual experience that has the ability to reaffirm their own sensitivity and humanity. Song of the Goat Theatre’s ever-evolving training (Acting Coordination Method), rehearsal and performance processes are treated as laboratories which enable the Company to research the craft of the actor and director as well as evolve new techniques, performance language and forms of work. The search for interconnectedness is the distinctive element of the Company’s practice,  it consists  connection, meeting each other and an openness that are the seeds of authentic experience.

The researcher collaborates with the Company as a dramaturge and tries to determine and describe the visible link between the physical training of coordination and the vocal aspect, as well as their impact on the meanings of words in a performance. In the search for “selfless” language I will aim to present how a collective creation of the metaphorical, and symbolic world can bring back the language which can, once again, be full of energetic meaning.

In my presentation I will focus on two productions: “Island” and “Hamlet – a commentary”, both based on Shakespeare. I will analyse the creative process of the ensemble to emphasise each creator’s impact on the dramaturgy. Referring to the idea of the “Death of an author” by Roland Barthes and Michael Foucault, and his reflection on “Who an Author is?”, I will overcome this discourse by attempting  to present how, inside an ensemble,  there is no author at all, or maybe on the contrary, there are many of them working on one cohesive performance.


Alicja Bral

Alicja Bral

Doctor of Humanities, specializing in theatre history studies.

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