The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 7 countries

27th July – 5th August

The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival





17:30 | 20:30
Studio Buffo, Warsaw, Poland

Romeo and Juliet

Duration: 110 min

The subject of the musical is the love between two young people who cannot reach understanding with the world of adults at the time when their great love is being born. This is the drama of the generations of parents and children who cannot talk or listen to each other or even respect each other’s needs. Youthful uncompromising love meets the ruthlessness of the commercial world of the parents, absorbed in their own affairs.

“On the stage of the Buffo Theatre, we can watch “Romeo and Juliet”, the world’s first water musical in 3D. (…) In the production there is no typical theatre design – its function is fulfilled by animations, prepared by the Platige Image studio, which are watched by the audience through special glasses. The viewers have the impression that the futuristic city projected onto a screen, or the underwater world, are within their grasp. In combination with the living location, this gives uncommon effects.”

Maciej Łukomski,

 “This production is not only a warning for young audiences. Juliet, unable to communicate with her real parents, escapes. Where? She hides on the internet. Even when the moment comes when she could share her fears with her mother, the latter takes a call and loses herself in the pleasures of conversation. “Romeo and Juliet” at the Buffo Studio entertains, moves and puzzles us. And probably brings us closer to life in the real world.”

Maciej Gogolkiewicz,

  • Creators:
  • Cast:

Direction and choreography: Janusz Józefowicz

Music: Janusz Stokłosa

Libretto: Agata Miklaszewska

Dialogues: Bartosz Wierzbięta

Set design: Marek Chowaniec

Choreography assistant: Barbara Deska

Costumes: Malwina Wędzikowska

Virtual 3D design: Platige Image

Water effects: Water Concept

Premiere: 24.09.2017

Nina Major / Magdalena Dąbkowska (Juliet), Mateusz Jakubiec (Romeo), Maria Tyszkiewicz / Mariola Napieralska (Lady Capulet), Wojciech Paszkowski (Capulet), Małgorzata Duda-Kozera/Mariola Napieralska (The Nurse), Mateusz Mosiewicz (Paris), Marcin Tyma (Benvolio), Paweł Orłowski (Mercutio), Dominik Ochociński (Tybalt), Jerzy Grzechnik (Friar Lawrence), Pavel Voitenko (Wu-shu the teacher), PONO (Rafał Poniedzielski) (Dealer), Natasza Urbańska (Rosaline)

Dancers: Dominika Plichta, Aleksandra Popławska, Elżbieta Wilczyńska, Iga Ryś, Agata Nowakowska, Katarzyna Granecka, Iga Marszałek, Sebastian Lubański, Błażej Ciszek, Łukasz Trautsolt, Patryk Darłak

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