The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 7 countries

27th July – 5th August

The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Sopot | Scena Kameralna


18:00 | 21:00
Grupa La Fiesta del Viejo, Argentina

La Fiesta del viejo

Duration: 90 min

The Old Man is celebrating his birthday and has decided to celebrate it with everything. What’s better than doing it in your neighbourhood club, with friends and the love of the whole family? In the toast, he will make great announcements that have to do with the advancement of the inheritance to his daughters. He is eager to surprise them, to sense their affection and to see how they react to so much love. The Old Man celebrates his birthday and they are all invited to celebrate it with him.

“‘La Fiesta del viejo’ takes place in a social club in Buenos Aires, in the middle-class neighborhood of Almagro, on the occasion of the owner’s birthday party.The club is affectionately named “Polonia” (Poland) in honor of the protagonist’s native land, and the red and white flag gracing the stage is a constant reminder of his heritage.It is suggested that the main character hails from a Jewish family, persecuted during World War II (…).Until recently, the protagonist has enjoyed a fairly successful business with his bar / restaurant and, equally important, over the years has developed strong personal ties to the surrounding community. Throughout the play, the protagonist is simply referred to as “Viejo”, which in Spanish not only means an old man, but also serves as a colloquial term for one’s father (“mi viejo”).”

Susan Berardini, “The Theatre Times”

  • Creators:
  • Cast:

Text, dramaturgy, direction: Fernando Ferrer

Director’s assistant: Marisol Scagni

Costumes: Marina Claypole, Peta Moreno

Set design and photographs: Romina Giorno

Music and performance: Stine Helkjær Engen

Lighting: Sebastián Francia

Special effects: Guillermo Toledo

Production: Laura Quevedo

Production assistant: Male Devoto

Manager: Débora Staiff – Indigo Producciones SRL

Moyra Agrelo, Agustina Benedettelli, Julieta Cayetina, Helkjær Engen, Demián Gallitelli, Ezequiel Gelbaum, Clarisa Hernandez, Gonzalo Ruiz, Julian Smud, Ezequiel Tronconi, Abian Vainstein

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