The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 7 countries

27th July – 5th August

The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Gdańsk | Królewska Fabryka Karabinów


4thYear of the Faculty of Theatre Directing, Poland

Hamlet, i.e. Ophelia

Duration: 45 min

This production constitutes an alternative biography of Ophelia and asks questions about the position of women in Poland. Running away, however, from journalistic elements, the whole is based on a theatrical essay, in which we quote from fragments of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, developing and modifying them, in theatrical material. The company of male and female actors is a research group, aliens from another planet, who are attempting to understand who Ophelia was and why her literary biography occurred in such, and not another, way.

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Director and dramaturg: Daria Kubisiak

Teaching supervisor: dr Remigiusz Brzyk

Weronika Warchoł, Karolina Gibowska, Paulina Sobiś, Maciej Kulig, Sebastian Grygo, Mateusz Górski, Marcin Wojciechowski

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