The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 7 countries

27th July – 5th August

The 22nd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Teatr Wybrzeże


Song of the Goat Theatre, Wrocław / Poland

Hamlet: A Commentary

Duration: 60 min

The Golden Yorick Competition

“Hamlet: A Commentary”, which is based on Shakespeare’s drama, is its intense interpretation, a vibrant reflection, a full expression of what was merely mentioned and not said explicitly by the author.

The show takes place two months before the proper play’s plot – on the night when the old king was murdered. The night turns into a Shakespearean vigil, similar to pagan festivals in honour of the spirits of the dead. On the stage, there are some characters who were featured in Shakespeare’s play and some who were not. We look at what goes on in the characters’ heads and conjecture about what led to the tragedy. On the surface of the relations, nothing seems to be going on while painful secrets awaken in the characters. It is a drama about energy which demands to be revealed and Hamlet is its medium.

The show is based on the polyphonic song structure. Fourteen actors interpret the characters, events and emotions through sounds. “Hamlet: A Commentary” is a theatrical experiment. The text is given a melody. It is not presented in a traditional narration but as musical harmonies. The words and music reflect the characters’ and family’s inner structures.

“Teatr Pieśń Kozła [Song of the Goat Theatre] has managed to create in this Elsinore hall a mood which is somewhat ambiguous: intimacy is cut through with cruelty. (…) Grzegorz Bral and his company reveal the astounding, sculpted, icy beauty of this Shakespearean history.”

Łukasz Drewniak

  • Creators:
  • Cast:

Director: Grzegorz Bral

Music: Jean-Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły

Conductor: Lilianna Krych

Costumes: Alicja Gruca

Set design: Robert Florczak

Lighting: Wojciech Maniewski

Dramaturgy: Alicja Bral

Premiere: 2.07.2017

Dimitris Varkas, Rafał Habel-Bloodgood, Julien Touati, Łukasz Wójcik, Volodymyr Andrushchak, Dominik Kujawa, Bogdan Koca, Julianna Habel-Bloodgood, Anu Almagro, Mikołaj Bońkowski, Rhianna Compton, Olga Kunicka, Natalia Voskoboynikov, Magda Wojnarowska, Maciej Rychły

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